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 Protectors of Public Health and Property

Would You Like Your Home To Be Free Of Bee & Wasp Nests?
We will complete a thorough inspection of your home for all strains of bees, carpenter bees, wasps, hornets, and all other stinging insects that may nest on your home. A complete exterior protection residual service is performed (this will prevent nests from being established all through out the year). Recommendations will be made to exclude pests from entering in the future.

Carpenter Ants Move In Overnight. We Will Protect Your Home From Ant Damage! 
We complete a thorough inspection of your home for any carpenter ant nest that may have moved in. We will locate all moisture problems and a complete protection service is performed to protect your home against all pest invaders.


rodentsMice may look cuddly, but they breed rapidly. A mouse can breed in 35 days after it is born, and can have it's first litter of up to eight pups by the time it is 60 days old. Although they usually live only about a year, if all their offspring lived and reproduced at a similar rate, one pair of mice could produce a population of more than 500 mice in one year.
Have you stumbled across evidence of rodents in your home or business?  Have you seen them scampering along the edges of your dwelling, or spotted mouse or rat droppings?
If you discover droppings, or gnaw marks on furniture, food containers, baseboards, etc., there are dangerous rodents in the building that pose a serious threat to your health, your property and your belongings. If you see any of the tell-tale signs of rodents, call us immediately.  We will eliminate the problem and protect your home or business against further infestations and breeding cycles.
A complete thorough inspection of your home for the small field mice that invade homes this time of year. We need to protect your home against any rodents and over-wintering insects that may want to live with you during the cold months of New England. A complete protection service will be applied at this visit.

Residential & Commercial Services
Battleline Pest Management offers Integrated Pest Management plans monthly, quarterly, three times a year, and once a year to fit your individual needs.
Our most popular residential plan:
The Battleline Pest Yearly Protection Plan.
This program has been designed to deal with our different seasonal insects and rodents. Exactly what you need in Central and Eastern Massachusetts. Protecting your children, home and health. Appointments scheduled three times a year will provide you with round the clock protection. Call us today so we may explain this wonderful program.

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